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Themis Bar Review Acquired by UWorld

Themis Bar Review Acquired by UWorld

Themis Bar Review is the only major bar review provider to be completely online as well as the only company that publishes passing rates in every jurisdiction (44 states in all). The Directed Study mode provides a structured and sequential set of daily tasks, and the Integrated Learning System provides comprehensive outlines, practice multiple-choice questions, practice essay questions, on-demand lectures, and corresponding interactive handouts.

The team at Navagant advised Themis on its sale to Uworld, a leading e-learning platform that helps students prepare for high-stakes examinations.

Rick Duffy, CEO, Themis Bar Review

“The team’s connections within the education industry enabled me to complete a watershed transaction within the test preparation space. Moreover, they have become a trusted advisor, helping me over the last three years to prepare my business for the ideal timing for a premium transaction. Their loyalty, patience and tenacity cannot be understated.”

Jacob Voorhees, Managing Director, Navagant

“I am thrilled to have worked on this transaction with Rick. With his assistance, we were able to produce a flawless experience. The synergies between the two companies will create a comprehensive ecosystem for the test prep industry. For selecting us to be their financial advisors, Rick and the Themis team have our deepest gratitude.”

Benefits & Long-Term Value Creation

Does the world need more white-shoe lawyers? Probably not.  Does the world need more lawyers that bring a diversity of perspective from different socio-economic backgrounds to aid in corporate, family, criminal, immigration, labor, and environmental law?  Absolutely.  Themis broke the mold by taking on industry titans BarBri and Kaplan to provide an affordable, flexible and diverse education developed to remove traditional study barriers.

Acquiring Themis allows UWorld to expand its market presence. Test prep companies often have an established customer base, brand recognition, and a network of partnerships with educational institutions. By acquiring a test prep company, UWorld can tap into new geographic regions and customer segments, increasing its market share and revenue streams.

UWorld is an online test preparation company that provides resources that help students succeed on their high-stakes exams, such as medical entrance exams, SAT, ACT, CFA, CPA, etc. For additional information, visit

About Navagant

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Managing Director, Navagant
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