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Navagant Recognized with Six M&A Advisor Award Nominations, Showcasing Excellence and Industry Impact

Navagant Recognized with Six M&A Advisor Award Nominations, Showcasing Excellence and Industry Impact

Richmond, VA – August 28, 2023 – Navagant is thrilled to announce its selection as a nominee for six prestigious M&A Advisor Awards, underscoring the company’s significant accomplishments. Spanning diverse categories, the nominations affirm Navagant’s influence across various sectors:

  • Consumer Discretionary Deal of the Year ($10mm to $100mm), for APEX Anesthesia Review
  • Information Technology Deal of the Year ($10mm to $100mm), for APEX Anesthesia Review
  • Professional Services Deal of the Year ($10mm to $100mm), for Yardstick Management
  • Corporate/Strategic Deal of the Year ($25mm to $50mm), for APEX Anesthesia
  • Private Equity Deal of the Year ($25mm to $50mm), for Yardstick Management
  • M&A Deal of the Year ($25mm to $50mm), for APEX Anesthesia Review

These nominations affirm the firm’s remarkable track record, highlighting its commitment to make a tangible impact on the education industry and society.

“Navagant’s nominations for these esteemed M&A Advisor Awards validate our dedication to excellence and the achievements of our clients,” said Jacob Voorhees, Managing Director of Navagant. ” We’re proud to have represented APEX and Yardstick in their acquisitions. The consolidations will bring long-lasting impact on the society including raising the voice of marginalized groups and bringing opportunities for social upward mobility to more people.”

APEX Anesthesia Review, a renowned leader in nurse anesthetist education, provides comprehensive curriculum support for over 84% of Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists (“SRNAs”) training programs and delivers vital ongoing education to thousands of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (“CRNAs”) annually. The four nominations underscore APEX’s important role in advancing knowledge-sharing within the medical education industry.

Yardstick Management, nominated for Professional Services Deal of the Year and Private Equity Deal of the Year, is the world’s largest Black-owned and founder-owned diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training, management consulting, and executive search firm. The Company’s expertise in DEI strategy and implementation positions it as a thought leader, serving over 115+ prestigious corporate, governmental, and non-profit entities globally and placing 300+ diverse C-level executives.

With an unwavering focus on social impact and dedication to customer satisfaction, Navagant continues to define industry benchmarks. The company eagerly awaits the upcoming M&A Advisor Award ceremony in November, where it will celebrate its accomplishments alongside other industry leaders.

The acquisition of Yardstick by Diversified marks a significant milestone, bringing together two organizations with complementary strengths and a shared growth vision. It also holds tremendous potential to benefit society by advancing the cause of equality in workplaces and fostering upward mobility for marginalized groups. This collaboration has the potential to further break down barriers, dismantle systemic biases, and provide opportunities for underrepresented individuals to thrive, ultimately leading to a more just and inclusive society.

The DEAL of the YEAR award reaffirms Navagant’s position as a leading advisor in the M&A domain. With a commitment to exceptional outcomes and a proven track record, Navagant continues to assist clients in navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving education environment.

About Navagant

Navagant LLC is a middle-market investment bank focused exclusively on the Education & Training industry. We serve entrepreneurs, family-businesses, large corporations, and financial sponsors seeking to optimize their transaction outcomes. Our sell-side advisory services include mergers and acquisitions, majority and minority recapitalizations, management buyouts, and corporate carve-outs. With a conscious-capital mission and a team of experienced professionals, Navagant delivers tailored solutions to help organizations unlock value and achieve life-changing outcomes.

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