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Ex’pression College of Digital Arts Acquired by SAE Institute

Ex’pression College of Digital Arts Acquired by SAE Institute

Founded in 1998, Ex’pression College of Digital Arts is a premier provider of digital arts education offering innovative bachelor’s degrees in animation and visual effects, filmmaking, interactive audio, game and graphic design, and sound art in a 108,000 square foot facility in Emeryville, CA. The College opened a branch campus in San Jose in September 2012.

The team at Navagant advised Ex’pression on its sale to SAE Education, the creative media education division of Navitas Limited.

Rod Jones, Navitas CEO

“We are excited to be able to offer both SAE and Ex’pression College students more opportunities through this partnership, which will leverage the best of both organizations. Bringing SAE and Ex’pression together will provide the combined organization with a significantly expanded footprint in the key California market and will help facilitate the ongoing accreditation process to increase the number of SAE courses and qualifications in that state as well as across the United States.”

Jacob Voorhees, Founder and CEO, Navagant

“This deal marks a significant milestone for both companies and opens exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration. Expression College, a renowned educational institution specializing in creative arts and digital media, perfectly aligns with Navitas Limited’s global presence and expertise in higher education. The acquisition not only expands Navitas’ portfolio but also strengthens its position in the rapidly evolving creative arts sector. With Navitas’ resources and support, Expression College can further enhance its programs and reach a broader student base, empowering aspiring artists and creators worldwide.”

Benefits & Long-Term Value Creation

The acquisition of Expression College by Navitas serves to benefit Ex’pression’s students, the expanding fields of creative arts and digital media, as well as foster cross-cultural dialogue and experience. By joining forces, Navitas and Expression College can offer a wider range of programs and resources to aspiring artists and creatives, nurturing their talents with greater resources, and expanding access to the creative arts and digital media fields. Further, the collaboration between Navitas’ global presence and Expression College’s expertise fosters cross-cultural exchange and international learning opportunities, promoting diversity and global perspectives among students. Through expanded educational access and cultural exchange, the deal contributes to the cultivation of a vibrant and thriving creative arts community.

Navitas is a leading provider of educational services, founded in Australia in 1994. With a global presence, the company operates a network of colleges and campuses spanning across multiple countries. Their comprehensive suite of educational services caters to the diverse needs of students and professionals alike. These services encompass university programs, English-language training, settlement support, workforce education, and student recruitment. By offering such an extensive range of educational services, Navitas Limited empowers students to access a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, fostering their growth and success.

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