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Conscious Discipline Acquired by Prairie Capital

Conscious Discipline Acquired by Prairie Capital

Conscious Discipline is a prominent provider of blended learning programs for social-emotional learning (SEL). Their approach incorporates brain research, child development insights, and age-appropriate practices to deliver outstanding outcomes. Serving schools, districts, state education agencies, and individuals, Conscious Discipline offers highly successful solutions that foster self-regulation, safety, connection, empathy, and intrinsic motivation in both children and adults. Through their evidence-based and research-backed methodology, Conscious Discipline has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in reducing student behavioral problems, suspensions, and improving educational achievements.

The team at Navagant led Conscious Discipline through its acquisition by Prairie Capital, a trusted private equity firm that provides growth capital and strategic support to lower-middle-market companies.

Dr. Becky Bailey, Founder, Conscious Discipline

“I am pleased to finalize the partnership with Prairie Capital. Their strong education experience, financial strength, capital support to foster the Company’s continued expansion and growth, and dedication to ensuring that Conscious Discipline’s culture, mission, and brand will be upheld now and into the future made them the perfect choice.”

Jacob Voorhees, Managing Director, Navagant

“The acquisition of Conscious Discipline by Prairie Capital has sparked excitement within the education and training market due to Prairie Capital’s expertise in guiding lower-middle-market companies and providing growth capital. This partnership is expected to propel Conscious Discipline to unprecedented levels, utilizing their established methodologies for social-emotional learning with the resources and support offered by Prairie Capital. By expanding their impact, Conscious Discipline has the potential to positively transform the lives of children and educators nationwide, cementing their position as a leader in effective solutions for social-emotional learning.”

Benefits & Long-Term Value Creation

Conscious Discipline works to build healthy habits in the classroom that extend to everyday life, at school and beyond. Their programs empower children and educators with essential skills, promoting self-regulation, empathy, and connection, thereby fostering a more positive and inclusive learning environment that contributes to the overall well-being and success of individuals and communities.  Moreover, a foundation was established to pay for this education in school districts that may not be able to afford it, furthering Conscious Discipline’s mission to those student populations that need it the most.

With Prairie Capital’s industry expertise, they can provide the necessary support and resources for Conscious Discipline to grow and achieve their business objectives. This partnership has the potential to increase the accessibility of Conscious Discipline and social-emotional learning in general.

Prairie Capital, founded in 1997, is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm invests in the business services, consumer services, financial services, education, technology, industrial, and healthcare sectors. Prairie Capital seeks to invest primarily in PE/Buyout deals, but also invest in fund of funds, growth/expansion, and mezzanine deals.

About Navagant

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Managing Director, Navagant
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